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Sponsorship and Collateral Placement Available

I’m On It! Youth TV will showcase and educate our nation’s Youth on STEM career, scholastic needs and educational programs. 

Engaging Youth on Social Entrepreneurship and Community Service events with an 'Entertainment' twist!     

STEM Cooking Challenge

I'm On It! Youth TV will have edutainment events starting with a STEM Cooking Challenge airing on Local Atlanta! Subscribe for  youth audition information and how your company may become a Sponsor.

STEM Events and Service Learning

I'm On It! Youth TV is sponsored by The On It Foundation - a national 501 (c)(3) non-profit that provides free computers, STEM education and 21st Century skill sets to K-12 students in the United States.     

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The On It Foundation

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I'm On It! Youth TV

Edutainment TV Written, Directed, Produced and Delivered by Youth focusing on STEM Education and Events! 

I'm On It! Youth TV

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